Saturday, May 29, 2010

Youth10 & Korean BBQ

Today went for Youth10.
It's an event for all the youths in Msia. It promotes brands and sports and awareness.
Technically for a first timer like me, I feel that it's messy.
Besides the very classy entrance and the photo area, others are all crappy.
Its like Matta fair or Pc fair without the pretty girls but only messier.

People would walk in, snap pic and walk to the end of the thing where sport events are held.
Kinda fun if you were participating. Worst part I find from the whole thing, besides all the smoking people there, (there's a anti smoking campaign booth at some hidden corner), was the fact that everyone had to enter and exit through the same doors....
Fight your way through the crowd and fight your way back...

From left.
Bryant, Jason, Eewin, Yinxie, Jennifer, Xiang, Me and Chris.

Other than that I had fun with the people I met and was with.

I had my own pass. XD
Sorry la, I don't attend events much..

Korean BBQ for dinner with my sisters.
Nothing much to say, ate till bloated lu.

All the side dishes.




End product, swept almost everything.