Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My BenQ S57 Part1

Ok just got my new lappy yday...

and seeing that there aint any reviews on it at all by a user
i will be writing one pretty soon...
just need to play around with it first

This is my specs tho :

Intel P8700 2.53ghz
4GB ram ddr2
320GB 5400rpm
Ati Radeon HD4560 512mb ddr3
Intel PM45
15.6 HD LED
Windows 7 x64bit

First glance and touch -
  • Not as sleek looking as the Asus UL50VT or the Dell Studio 15 but more of the Fujitsu look. The lid is shiny and glossy but fingerprint magnet, the inside is different with a rougher surface.
  • Key board flexes a little at the top but is comfortable to type on.
  • Speakers are loud but sound quality is not really there as the bass is not clear.
  • Laptop is light as expected without the battery as advertised.
  • A little bit hot on normal usage but it is also expected from the massive graphic card, nothing a cooler pad can't handle.
  • The palm rest stays pretty cool, the only part is the keys near the enter button where a small amount of heat is radiated.
  • Love the numpad feature but it needs some getting used to.

Below is the Windows Experience Index for my laptop


After running Left 4 Dead through one map. The laptop is hot but not crazy hot. Every other part of the laptop is still relevantly cool, only the keys from Enter again to the numpad. Either the ram or the graphic is there.

Left 4 dead specs -
16:9 fullscreen 1200 x 600, all is default except the shader and effect detail medium, shader and memory high. No lag during game play even with 2 specials, a tank and a mob.

Here are some benchmark scores for the graphic card. *Click Here*
Notebookcheck gives very detailed benchmark scores.

Don't forget to check part 2!

Chaos, wheee!

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