Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sony PSP, still relevant, sorta...

A special request by Sarah, Evelyn and Vanessa to be mentioned in my blog.

If you own a psp like me, in this Iphone and Blackberry dominated time..
I'm pretty sure you would either want to get any of those or an Ipod Touch.
Yes, I do agree that the touch screen, games and apps are pretty cool but don't chuck that psp away just yet.

After looking around the net, I came across a few homebrew applications,
that will allow you to keep up with the world with your psp.
Installing the applications takes a little brains and reading to accomplish but still pretty do-able for a new psp user.

Please read the README file that comes along with the files.
All these are done at your own risk. Please don't blame me if it doesn't work.
Not for PSP 3000 and only works with the cracked software.

PSP Facebook - Well this would be pretty simple. Just go to your browser and type in and it will automatically go into the mobile browser.

PSP Twitter - There is 2 options for this, either you go to which would send you to a simplified version of twitter. This works occasionally and you can only view new tweets. The other option would be P-Twit. It is a application which allows you to update tweets and view the last 20 tweets. Not much but at least you can update it.

PSP Music - Well there already is a music player but if you would like another one then there is the LightMP3 player. I never tried this before so no comments.

PSP Hold - I find this plugin very useful. It will off your screen and reduce the energy used by your psp. It will save battery for people who listens to music and it will stop that annoying glitch that will off your psp while unholding.

PSPTUBE - Finally an application that will allow you to stream videos off youtube. Its a little tricky learning how to use it but yea, you can watch on your psp. Wohoo! I find this option a little too problematic for me since I have my laptop with me most of the time.

PSP MSN - You can use for this which is what I do or you can use Pro-Messenger. I don't use this but it should be fairly easy to use.

Here is a guide to how to install plugins. Hope it helps.