Sunday, May 30, 2010

Opera Mini on PSP

Ever browsed the internet on the PSP, if you say its a pain in the ass then I would totally agree.
Its slow, very slow, even worst is when there are pictures or java on the page.

Well fret no more! As I was lucky enough to stumble upon the Opera Mini for PSP.
Ok so technically, the browser is for phones but some smart fella out there figured to fuse them together. Respect to the guy or girl who figured this out.

Back to the main point, anyways Opera will allow you to load pages faster and would allow you to use it like the ones in the phones. My phone doesn't have it but I have heard that it is pretty nifty.

* There is a newer version of Opera Mini 5
**Note that it will only work on custom firmware.

Really easy to install, just follow the steps and would be done in less than 5 minutes.
There are a few keyboards to use, either a qwerty, the PSP styled or even a very complicated phone one.

Please read the README file for controls and other information.

Credits to MixedPot from for writing out the procedure.

You will need:
PSPKVM is a homebrew java program that allows you to run programs that have the .jar extension, as of version 0.3.2 there is an on screen keyboard (osk), thus allowing for easy web browsing. PSPKVM was not made in the US so if you use X for enter and O for cancel, the buttons are switched on this.
-Opera Mini
Opera Mini is a web browser that is designed for cell phones.


Step 1: Download PSPKVM and Opera Mini via the download links above.
PSPKVM goes in ms0:/PSP/GAME
Opera Mini.jar goes in ms0:/PSP/GAME/PSPKVM/Apps
Step 2: Launch PSPKVM from the XMB. When loaded, click on "Find Application" and browse to the Opera mini location (ms0:/PSP/GAME/PSPKVM/Apps) and select it. It will ask you to select a device, choose "J2ME Standard (480*272)"
Step 3: Connect to your wireless connection by selecting "Yes" when asked if you would like to use airtime.
Step 4: Once connected, accept the EULA by pressing Select. You're then free to use it any time you want instead of the built-in browser.

Some of the features of the opera browser are:
-RSS Feeds
-Google, Wikipedia, Dictionary, Ebay, Amazon, and IMDB searches
-Zoom in/out features

How to use PSP OSK instead of bulit-in Java keyboard
If you're using the newest PSPKVM version, there's no need anymore to edit any file, as it's now configurable:

You're done! Now typing should be A LOT faster!
Note: To bring it up choose "QUERTY" in the menu (when typing in Opera Mini). Then press any button. It should pop up. Do your typing, and click ok. You should know the rest.
To undo just go again to SYSTEM MIDLETS>CONFIGURE VM>VIRTUAL KEYBOARDS and choose the keyboard you want to use.

Well this changes things from my previous PSP post.