Saturday, May 15, 2010

Connaught Night Market and SNSD wallpaper

Ok, so next post would be for more SNSD wallpapers,
some are a lil old but i'm uploading them coz they are huge.

Chester you gonna like some of them. ^^

Anyways since Meiyen haven't send me the pics from her cam yet, I shall just blog about it and post the pics up later.

So, on Wednesday I went to Connaught night market with MeiYen,
since i wanted to food hunt on my hols.
Pics are a lil either under or overexposed as I was using my sister's digital cam, I figured bringing a DSRL to a pasar malam was a lil extreme.

So we were suppose to meet up at Leisure Mall, but before i met her I had an A&W float!
Don't you miss it?

Ok, the ice-cream was melting fast..

Anyways, fast forward to the night market,
MeiYen was giving me a lot of chinese food names which I had no idea about,
so she was forced to show me le.
Like the Chicken cake?? lol

Apparently it is very popular in HK

Then went to eat Asam Laksa with Lemon Jelly,

After the laksa, we bought Bau Zhar yunyun (exploding fishballs??)
Or something like that, its another HK made popular food.

Bought for my parents and sis to try also.

Then went for, well pic explains it all, it's those small brown spotted eggs found in the supermarket. So no worries about dead birds.

Then the CLIMAX!!
Meiyen forced me to try Chou Dau FU (smelly tofu).
Ok, I have no idea what is in it, all I know is its fermented.
The smell is a cross of dried pee and a really bad clogged drain and the smell is STRONG.
So here are the pics to it, including Meiyen eating her 1, I had to eat 3. O.M.G

There's actually a line for this. FML

Miss Evil queuing with me

Jeng jeng jengg

Ok, so my pics are with Meiyen so I'll just slot them in later.

We stopped at,

LOL...who comes up with the names...
Anyways they sold this, I can't remember what it is called,
but it is sago and sweetener and milk and shaved ice and mixed fruits.
Pretty yummy and it helped with forcing the damn tofu down my throat.

Yep, that's about it, will just slot in my disgusted face pictures in later.

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