Thursday, May 13, 2010

KinKin Pan Mee~

Ok so, since I'm a food addict and I'm still in Malaysia
where people live to eat,
I shall start food blogging!

Ever had pan mee?
Ever had really really good pan mee??
Well recently I went to PanMee with my sis,
the shop's name is called KinKin, and the main stall is somewhere at chow kit.
Sorry I don't have a pic of the shop, coz the owner wasn't aware, so avoiding problems.

They offer the dry mix and the soup version for their panmee. The dry is the popular one~
So, this is non-halal, sorry my malay friends.

It is eaten with dried fried chili, and it just rocks to have it!

Eventho a bowl would cost you around Rm5.50 i think,
its definitely something that you will crave for. They also have the option for adding on extras,
such as fish balls and meat balls.

So this would be the usual order,

  • a bowl of pan mee with a side bowl of soup
  • a cup of 'lohon' fruit tea or ribenna.
  • a whole tub of dried chili.

Something extra, this little girl very cute~

Well, that's all for now. My first food post~
yum yum~

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