Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dell Studio 15 vs. Asus UL50VT

Ok here is the deal, both laptops are around rm3000. But one is lighter and more portable while the other is more powerful.


Dell Studio 15 (2.53Ghz, 4gb ram ddr2, 320 gb,Ati HD4570,Windows 7)- Better graphics, faster processor, can choose colours, has multimedia buttons, has an express card slot which has a remote in it for movies and presentation, 2mp webcam and finger print scanner, HD screen, back lit keyboard

Asus UL50VT (1.3(1.7overclocked) 4gb ram ddr3, 500gb, nvidia G210M, Windows 7) - Processor can be overclocked, has above average graphics, is only 2.1 kg and has a slim and sleek design, around 11 hours battery life, graphics card can be switched to a less power consuming one, screen has 16:9 ratio and is HD, Altec Lansing speakers at the front, keyboard comes with a numpad


Dell Studio 15 - It is a little bulky, heavy compared to the asus, shorter battery life, speakers not as good

Asus UL50VT - design is too simple, no multimedia buttons, no express slot, o.3mp webcam, no finger print scanner, keyboard keys a little bit small

My opinion
Well seeing that what I would be doing is gaming and college work, I would choose the Dell 15 because even though having 11 hours of mobility is good but these days there are wall plugs everywhere. Practically anywhere with free wifi would have it and carrying the cable around in my bag isn't much of a hassle. The Asus lacking at the processor will somehow affect gaming performance and the G210M will eventually lose to the 4570 as the processor can't manage to keep up with the graphics. The Asus is too simple as well, all you would see would be the ON switch, another one for something else and the huge keyboard with the touch pad. Being the IT nerd that I am, I need more things to press and play around with. All in all, both laptops are good but still, performance over mobility.

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