Tuesday, May 25, 2010

College and Meiyean's surprise visit

Today was totally tiring for me....
cause besides class, which was a bit dry and all
but before that I met up with Waikay and made some new friends.
Nice and friendly people ^^
Those who talk to you and don't give you weird looks and make you feel like an outcast.
Friendly people *happy*

Anyways, after class me and Ah Mah was suppose to go give meiyean a surprise visit, but coz Terence, took her out for lunch, so I had to lepak around coll for a while, till she was done with lunch.

So I went to McD with Joanne and Steve. Another new friend! I feel like I'm a new student, so many new friends. ^^!!!

Me and Joanne.
First actually meeting after knowing her for 2 years.

He looks happy.

Anyone wants to join me in small Happy Meal gathering ka?
Just want to have a group of friends or new friends together in a McD,
all with Happy Meals! Reliving our younger days sia!

Moving on...
So after picking up Ah Mah we had to stake out Meiyean's house...

XDD cuteee

After everyone has met up and chilling in aircond room.

We decided to go makan dinner at Old Town.

Nasi Lemak

Some new drink with oreos in it.

Tom Yam

Toast with kaya and butter, I think

Toast with eggs i think...

Just for Chester~
Since he totally loves it and he doesn't get it much in the States.



  1. Eh, you read my blog!
    thank you for coming!
    yea la this girl say dying from studying so went to surprise her.