Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sonic Gear - Tatoo Duo 3 my review

so I need to update this blog but I have totally no idea
so after looking around my room
the only thing I could think of for now
is my beloved speakers on my table

this shall be a user's review
on how it feels like and stuff
not just numbers..which didin make any sense to me when i first bought it

At first glance -

- It looks awesome. Maybe the two satellites at the side may look a little normal, but the main bass system is just eye catching. With 2 front facing bass plus 1 side firing bass, don't you worry bout having a lack of bass.

- Eventho the finishing isn't really like top class, but still it looks good from almost every angle (unless your unit has some peeling of the skin like mine which i fixed with double sided tape).

Powered up and blasting!

- After the simple set up for everything (not including the part where you figure out where to put it. Cause lets face it, the design doesn't allow you to put in on the floor like most subwoofers do and having the scary thought of kicking your new baby ain't a happy one). Blasting music from my laptop was just wild. With the treble a little just over the middle and the bass on max, you would transform your room into a miniature club. Crank up the volume and I swear you wont be sitting anywhere near it. I tried it. Watching movies with the tatoo duo3 is a blast. Eventho you dont have the full sound surround, its still bloody fun to watch any kind of movie with the bass vibrating everything in your room. I watched the whole season of Band of Brothers with it, lovely~

- The 2 mic jacks which comes with it is pretty useless to most people cause i cant imagine anyone singing at their computers to themselves. So i jacked my electric guitar into it. ^^ The lower notes from the guitar sounds much nicer compared to my cheap amp. So another plus point for it but it does lack the AUX input which makes life a little difficult when you are planning to connect it to your mp3 or your phone.

- I did a subwoofer test on it. The test can be found on youtube. It tests the capability of your subwoofer. Anyone who wants to feel like a jet is parked next to your room, try it. Just don't break anything cause it gets really loud.

- Sound clarity is definitely there. The two tweeters are able to produce the higher notes without much distortion and the mids by the satellites and the lows by the subwoofer. I would admit that sometimes the bass is a little on the heavier side but a slight tweak on the Bass dial and all would be good.

My own opinion -

Well I totally love my speakers. There is no other feeling of having my table vibrate when I kill someone in CS with the sniper rifle. For most of the time it great and the good part is, it is portable, but it is heavy. So for those small to medium sized parties this would be good enough for some booming music. It heats up a little after leaving it on for a few hours but of course which electronic device doesn't? If your looking for something loud and booming just to have fun or to annoy the neighbors, this should be on the top 3 on that list.For the price of it, I would say that it is worth it but perhaps with pickier users, this may not be your cup of tea.


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