Saturday, November 13, 2010

Grind My Gears - Lack of Attention Bullies.

Today, I personally felt how it was like being the victim of a LOA person.
What is a LOA? My personal definition would be - A person who likes attention but does not manage to be in the center of attention, so the person would do anything to be back there again.

If I am not mistaken, there is a personality disorder for such symptoms.
Anyways, I know that its not a very big deal and all being bullied since it happens so constantly that we neglect the issue. Even worst is that, me being the wallflower in most cases, usually wouldn't be the target.

After going through it, I don't like it. I have a personal quote of how we are all sadistic people, cause we thrive on the pain of others. This is no different. I wouldn't even want to imagine kids younger than me being mentally tortured by all these other kids, like what? Gossip. Its like a nuclear bomb without any physical damage. Furthermore, young kids like to isolate and gossip just as much as adults do. I was there I know. Just cause you are a little different, you would get nicknames and be jeered at.

Omg I'm really ranting...
Back to the point, if you want attention, don't find it from the pain of others but find it from the achievements of yourself. 

Grinds my gears...

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  1. Sighh LOA bullies aka attention seekers :(
    They're just capable of making the world into chaos isn't it? :(
    With all the gossips & backstabbings~

    Anyway, lovin' your header picture! You look great ;) very korean!