Monday, November 1, 2010

PapaGo! X5 for Android Phones.

Okay so recently, I've got a new phone and its android.
Will write a review for it later.
Anyways I've apparently found a free GPS app for Malaysia and Singapore roads.
The app installs well and all but i'm still having trouble getting the maps.
It's downloading as I type. I downloaded some other map which didin really work with the app. Sadly.

Anyways, any Android people out there who wants to try it, here's the download link.

To get the app, just go to the app Market and search for papago.
Papago SEA maps

Will update this post on whether i succeed or not.

I managed to get it working!! Not under trial either.
I am a happy boy!

Okay, its a not bad app for you to play around with as they have provided the trial version but if you want the full map, then a lot of digging on the net has to be done.



  1. try searching ipmart...
    there's a section for android os...
    search there...
    btw... may i know wat phone you're using ??? i might be able to help..

  2. samsung galaxy S
    thanks for dropping a comment!

  3. I managed to get it working!
    Thank you Anonymous commenter!!
    Whoever you are, thank you, very grateful.

  4. i installed on my xperia and its still in trial mode. i installed the map file to /NaviSEA/Maps/Malaysia folder... I hv installed the apk file... i ve replaced the in the map file... but still its in trial mode...

    Any help will be appreciated... THX

  5. Raj - The file should not be in the Map folder. It should just replace the original libpapago in the NaviSea folder.
    If that doesnt work, then sorry bro not sure.

  6. Mind to share on how u get it working without trial?

  7. I using Galaxy S as you, i had installed the papago X5 and done copied the naviSEA into my phone external SD but it is still not working, the GPS signal keep appear and cant even lock my location and can't search any place. So sad for that..Can u help me?

  8. Cher - For the searching, you gotta go to PIO Search, then type in your destination and press the search button at the bottom right, for the signal part, try getting a signal outside a building. I also have problems catching signals in buildings and sometimes, on cloudy days.