Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Grind my gears - Indicators, use them

Yesh, I took this line from Family Guy and I like it.

These days people drive around without using the indicator and it is freaking annoying!
Cars would suddenly just swerve out onto your lane and you would be braking like hell just to avoid that bugger.
Plus when at a junction, you would be waiting like hell thinking the guy is going to go straight, suddenly he/she turns, making you wait for nothing.

For Gods sake, didn't these people learn to use the indicators when learning to drive?
Don't they know it was put there for a reason? They paid for it when they bought the car. So why not use it?
It saves lives and it reduces accidents.

Here's my logic to it. If you can use your hands to wank, I'm pretty sure you can use it to indicate.
Signal moron!
Grinds my gears....


  1. Oh wow I hate this also, so many times happen to me, it makes me so mad, but then I just say to myself oh well i'm in Malaysia get used to it, - But really it's just bad manners not to let others know your intention.

    But for me the worse is when you on a narrow road and the car in front just slows then stops in middle of the road - Then you see it - The Phone moving close to the ear. Not a care in the world who is behind them.

    Sorry but the old horn has to be pressed. honk honk MOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

    ha ha see you got me going.

  2. its true! Sometimes this is why accident happened. Why don't they use the signal? cause they are stubborn!

  3. John - Hahaha well since you are staying, best just honk like crazy. I know what you mean about the handphone problem. Got caught in it too. Well I guess it grinds your gears too!

    Baboon - Agreed! or they mmg idiot.