Monday, August 23, 2010

Sony TX5 Underwater

Okay I know the review has already been written but since I lacked the underwater pics here are some!
Went to my friend's place to splash around and try the camera out.

If you are thinking that the pictures would turn out bad underwater, you are very wrong my friend.
Perhaps it would in murky water or like some not so well maintained pools.

Damn clear lor!!
See can camwhore underwater! XD
I like the blue-ish feel of the pictures. 

Since I'm not endorsed by SONY, I can tell you this. After swimming with the camera, a little of the paint came off. I am not sure whether it was the water or it was friction from the pouch I keep it in. I would still have expected better paint quality from SONY. 
Also it hanged halfway through the underwater experience. 
Living up to their reputation of being over-rated? 
Hell yea.


  1. ohh thats a bummer. u still have the warranty right?

  2. whoa, I cant open my eyes in water seriously!

  3. omg.. i just bought it for redang's trip.
    hope the paint won't come off easily :(

  4. hitomi - lol eventually you can one or else not, mata sepet like me lorr

    sarah - i'm gonna send back to Sony with warranty, if anything I tell you le. Have fun at Redang!