Saturday, August 7, 2010

Canon 50mm 1.8 pictures and feedback

Okay so after like a week of fumbling with my lens.
Here are some pictures and my thoughts of it.

It is definitely sharper than the kit lens but the auto focus is a bit louder and a little moody. At times it would just focus in and out like it's high on drugs....
I like how light it is tho, makes my camera feel like a toy. ^^

The build of the lens could have been better. It's all plastic now so it feels very fragile.

I dislike the minimum distance for it to focus tho..mafan only and need quite a distance...

If only this was a camwhore lens. Waaa syok!!~

Click on pictures to enlarge. 

Yep, so these are the few I experimented with. Hope you like it!


  1. 50mm F1.8 is cheap but the pix quality is top notched. I use it all the time to shoot portraiture.

  2. email2me - yes, quite a value lens. ^^thanks for commenting!

  3. how much did you buy the lens? =)

  4. How much you bought the canon dslr?

  5. Chloe - I got mine last year so it was about rm3k...oo 500D is 2.4k maybe..550D is 3.2k maybe..

  6. nice photos! hehe thinking of getting that lens one day. tadak so gila yet. XD i just bought my new 550D for Rm2750.