Friday, August 27, 2010

Step Up 3 dude!

Well I have managed to watch Step Up 3 thanks to Dila  for bringing me along ^^

What can I say about it, I'm sure you would have seen either the first or the second show already.
So yeah, all I can say about is the dancing is awesome!
The moment we exited the cinema some of the guys were so hyped up, they started dancing...
Yep that high...

Apparently he very good looking wor..
cause when he came on Dila was going on on about him. 
Why all the guys in Step Up almost like same look one?

Synopsis - Moose goes to college but is torn between his studying major plus his best friend and dancing, while The Pirates dance group is brought ever closer together when a rival dance group, challenges them and threatens to send them all packing to the streets.

My Review - Well, like I said, the dancing is awesome! Sadly the screening wasn't in 3D cause you can totally tell it was made for it with all the close up shots. Sadly I find that all the Step Up movies have the EXACT same storyline. Guy and girl both dance, fall in love then they will win THE BIGGEST dance competition. How many biggest competitions are there? Still not a bad movie. 

I Rate Thee - 7/10 

Anyways, for all of you out there who hasn't seen the trailer yet, here it is!


  1. eh he's hot okay! his abs @_@

  2. Ahh wanted to watch it last Friday but Ipoh cinema don't have! T.T

  3. You're in Ipoh?
    I wan salted chicken pleaseeee
    If you get me salted chicken then i belanja you watch Step Up..XD