Monday, August 16, 2010

Sony TX5. My review

Okay so about a week after fumbling with the Sony TX5. I have come up with a conclusion.
  • Sony did not only come up with a good digital camera, they came up with an Idiot-Proof, fully buffed up camera.

     So here are the basic few features of this camera from Sony.
    • Waterproof, Dust proof, Freeze proof and Shock Proof.
    • 3.0" wide touch screen
    • 4x optical zoom
    • "Exmor R" sensor
    • iSweep Panarama
    • 10 frames per second at full 10.2 megapixels
    For a basic camera user, this is a great camera. You would love how easy it is to use. How there are loads of settings for you to play with like the High Iso, Night Scene, Gourmet, Snow, Underwater and many more. Like me, you would be smiling like some small kid on Christmas.

    Battery life is I am just ESTIMATING about 300+ shots.
    Why estimate? 
    Cause from the first charge onwards till the time I am writing this review, the battery still hasn't died yet. On a pretty regular usage. Hmmmm

    I took some pictures with the features of the camera. So here they are.

    These would be the underwater pictures. The quality is pretty good in relatively clean water.

    Here is a sample of the Panorama from my camera.
    Yes, it is bloody cool and it is clear as well. 
    *Click to enlarge pictures*

    The view from my balcony in about 170' degrees

    10 fps. Yes, it is very true.
    Usually a DSLR only has 7fps. Holy shit? Yes indeed.
    So besides snapping moving objects, what else can you do with this superb burst of shots?
    Usually a Jump shot.
    I did something stupid, I made my own GIF.

    *Apparently it ain't moving on the blog so, yea..sorry no stupid face to show*

    The touch screen focus is great for macro shots, since you get to choose where you want to focus. Here are some of the test shots I took. Sony TX5 minimum focus distance is 1cm. Syokness!

    simple water lily outside my house

    newspaper macro, about 1cm away without zoom. clear no?

    Sony has developed a smile detecting camwhore mode. Its on the timer. So all you do is, select it, then on screen it would say "Point camera at yourself" and it will snap. Smart stuff. So here is me camwhoring XD
    It works with 1 or 2 people but 1 is more sensitive.

    Also, the TX5 allows on camera picture editing. 
    So for like retouching the Red Eye, a little bit of Refocusing and resizing the picture, it can be done on the camera itself. 
    Furthermore, they have this drawing/ stamping thingy where you can draw on the picture then save it. 

    Besides that, here is the picture with the Exmor R sensor which creates a backlight environment.

    Wide angle, great for camwhoring

    Image quality of the pictures are good and clear. The occasional extreme hand tremors might sometimes cause a little motion blur but it is bearable. 
    If you print the picture from a TX5 with one of the Sony picture printers. The quality is pretty good.

     Actual copy of the printed picture.

    But just remember that in the end this is just a digital camera with a lot of features. So don't expect it to do feats a DSLR can.