Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fighting Umbrella Corporation.

Well the long awaited Resident Evil sequel is finally out again! and this time it's in 3D!!
So you can expect flying bullets and sticks coming at your direction. So cunted right?!
Some more both the main actresses damn hots!!!

I'm sure many guys love the fact of two hot chicks with guns. 


Okay so if I was to bring down Umbrella Corporation, I would not mind being either Alice or Claire cause both of them can kick butt hard!! Plus both of them are so boom boom pow in the last movie. All those action scenes, "mind blasting".

The first order of business would be to stop Umbrella Corp. from making more clones and since all their security and scientist always seem so evil, I shall feed them to the big hordes of zombies waiting outside. Kidnap them when they are asleep, bind them and silence them, then sneak them into vents out to the waiting zombies. A fully fed zombie is a happy zombie. After all the small fries have been taken care of, I would focus my attention to that main guy. That dude in the shades walking around in the show. I would not just shoot him or stab him but would give him a slow and painful death. A death by a spoon. I would stalk him and hit him with a spoon continuously, just as the video below. Good inspiration, that video. Since survivors can be counted with 5 fingers, he would go totally insane before dying. I mean no one can survive being alone in a land filled with zombies and a constant rain of blows from a spoon. Hell has no fury like a woman scorned. Whoop-de-doo

Enjoy folks!


  1. Great post about the fight against corporation...all d best ya...

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