Thursday, August 26, 2010

Garden @ Curve

Okay well this was a while back, during the Expendables Screening...
Went with Evelyn since she like always damn free and lives nearby ^^
thank you for temaning~

Anyways we went to makan at Garden first before the movie.
Obviously the very nice decorations was an attraction le with the the fake flowers and stuff

Honestly only the look is nice le, food is okay only and it is expensive
More for like just sitting down and chill with a few drinks. Cannot refill some more. Go sit in Chillis better...
The menu has all sorts of weird stuff like what flower is the month you are born and stuff like that. Maybe its to distract you from the price....

Food - Just soso, nothing special about it. Portions are a bit smaller than expected. 

Price - Kinda expensive with small portions with average tasting food. Drinks no refill..boooo

Service - Kinda bad, served food without cutleries, then took us a while to get the bill. It wasn't even rush hour. tsk tsk


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