Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shogun - bang bang

Well quite a while back I went to Shogun at 1U for lunch.
It was the buffet lunch thingy. Didn't really snap anything cause was too busy stuffing my face..XD

So all I got is some of the food stations and what I thought of the food...

Personally I think that the food is just okay...
nothing special about the lunch buffet..spread is the same with the dinner ones..
besides the raw stuff which was fresh, the rest was not so...

The tepanyaki part was horrible. They mixed my lamb, chicken, salmon and mushrooms together. O.o You go try to imagine the taste...

meh..if you are paying the same price, I would rather go to the one starting with J at Bkt Bintang there

sorry no food pics


  1. but the one starting with "j" in bkt bintang oso sux la =x

  2. Yea...Can't help agreeing with u...Shogun is still far away from the others that almost require a same price...

    Erm...maybe the one starts with "T" at Mount Kiara there?^^

  3. Kenny - haha anywhere else better than what I ate leee

    Jason - where got sucks~!!!! all the coconut XDD oh and the ice cream~~