Thursday, September 2, 2010

Water Droplets. Take 2!

So with some free time and some gained experience from the last time,
I tried water droplets again.

It went relatively easier than the first.
I'll write down some of the tricks I learned after this pic.

Wanna know how to get professional macro shots with your kit lens?
Read on~

Well some of you would know that I tried it once,
So here are the steps n how I did it. (click here)

Oh also, instead of hanging a plastic bag off somewhere high,
I used the tap at the sink instead.
So just find the right dripping tempo and start snapping.
I also used a cocktail cup instead to try to get more out of the image and it does look nicer.

Well for the macro part,
since I, myself took the photos with my Canon 18 - 55mm Kit lens,
the secret is to use the Crop feature on the computer.
So try snapping the picture at 8 megapixels onwards.
Since you are zooming in on the computer, this is where you can put those megapixels to good use.

Just crop out all the part which you feel is not needed and viola the picture would look macro.
It really is a pretty neat trick and it makes you look very pro XD

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