Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SNSD Dancing Queen Hyoyeon Wallpapers part 2

Okay recently I noticed I haven't been posting any SNSD pictures since the Japan ones..
and there seems to be a need for Hyoyeon, so to feed that hunger here are some of her pics.

Most of it is HQ while some ain't. There are only so many HQ pics out there...
I found so many pics till there might be a part 3 to this...

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Ah, the last one is pretty much classic Hyoyeon.

Hope it helped! 

Check Part 1 and Part 3 out!


  1. Wow! Another crazy SNSD fans xD
    Hyoyeon can dance sooooooo good I wanna be like her but damn my limbs are like stupid tree trunks! I can't even do a perfect chicky dance (if u ever heard of that LOL)

  2. haha yes I know what that dance is!
    i can't do it either...*sad case*
    yea crazy but not until can die le..
    I like watching Hyoyeon on Dream Team

  3. Hahas. I'm not really a SNSD fans but my best friends are.. Can't avoid, HAVE to watch SNSD mv and videos and stuff. Hahaha xD I like Yuri thou~

    Oh and maybe we should practice chicky dance together, then at least we know one "dance" by heart Lol

  4. Ooo sandwiched in-between snsd..
    yuri is funny on G7
    practice a snsd dance lee

  5. Walau! Which 1 you want? Run devil run? Genie? Hrmm..

  6. Haha but the sexy-leg-kicking-or-wadever-movement is rather tough e =="