Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Grind My Gears - Call Operators

Okay this post is to the call operators in my country and not to those helpful call operators elsewhere
If you are a helpful call operator then just be aware of how idiotic a small number of others are...

My BenQ laptop battery is not charging for some reason so I checked with the Online Center.
According to them, its a battery malfunction. So they told me to call the toll line.
So I called.

Toll Free > Some service center > Some other center > Service center.

Here is the convo with the operator. Here is how it roughly went.

me - Hi, I have some laptop issues. My battery has malfunctioned. I would like it fixed.
operator - Hello, oh would you like to speak to a technician?
me - No, it is just the battery. Since my laptop is under warranty I would like it changed.
operator - Would you like to send it in?
me - Yes I want to send it in.
operator - *keeps quiet*
me - Hello? Am I suppose to drop it off or will someone pick it up since it is still under warranty?
operator - Is there anything else?

She hasn't even answered me yet....
Apparently they check the warranty according to the manufacturing date. WTF?
Its not like we can buy the laptop right on the day it is made...

Grinds my gears.....

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