Wednesday, September 15, 2010


What is this post about? I'll tell ya.

The Legendary, rated #2 'Best Electric Guitarist Of All Time' by Time Magazine, Ex-Guns N' Roses guitarist, the Riff Lord, Slash! and yes! He was here, on the 14th of September in New York Citayy! And I attended.

If you don't know this man, one of the original founders of the legendary hard-rock band Guns N' Roses. And if you don't know Guns N' Roses, then at least you must've heard their infamous songs, Welcome to the Jungle, Paradise City, November Rain and Sweet Child O' Mine. And if you haven't, then go crawl back into your cave and stay there.

Right, the show. Starts at 7pm, I camped there from 3pm till the doors opened at 6, raced to the front of the stage, unfortunately between two fat people, who sandwiched me a couple of times during the show.

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Anyways, the show really began at 7:30p when Taddy Porter came on stage as Opening Band which duties, as they say, 'to get us a little wet for the main event'. They seemed like your everyday garage band formed by teens in the movies, long haired junkies with serious headbanging. They're actually really good! Check out their song titled "Shake Me". Oh and I saw the bassist while camping outside before the show, in my head I was like, "Look a Weasley! Red haired, freckle boy", then I saw him on stage and I was like (O.o).

After Taddy Porters, there was this other band, Tab the Band, which I don't really care much of coz I was busy trying to fight for territory while I was clinging to the guard gates. I was losing, sandwiched sideways between the two fatties. I regained space afterwards tho, so alls good. Oh btw, the guitarists look like Justin Bieber, only taller.. another reason to not care.

So the opening bands played till 9pm, and we were left to wait for 30minutes as they set everything up for Slash's tour band which consists of Slash himself on lead guitar, Myles Kennedy on vocals, Todd Kerns on bass, Bobby Schneck on rhythm guitar, and Brent Fitz on drums. Then when it hit 9:30p, the show began with a bang!

setlist was:
# Ghost
# Mean Bone (Slash's Snakepit cover)
# Nightrain (Guns N' Roses cover)
# Sucker Train Blues (Velvet Revolver cover)
# Back From Cali Play Video
# Civil War (Guns N' Roses cover)
# Rocket Queen (Guns N' Roses cover)
# Do It For The Kids (Velvet Revolver cover)
# We're All Gonna Die
# Nothing To Say
# Starlight
# Just Like Anything (Slash's Snakepit cover)
# Guitar Solo
# Godfather Theme
# Sweet Child O' Mine (Guns N' Roses cover)
# Rise Today (Alter Bridge cover)
# Slither (Velvet Revolver cover)
# Encore:
# By The Sword
# My Michelle (Guns N' Roses cover)
# Paradise City (Guns N' Roses cover)

An example of how it is being at a rock concert, right up front, 3ft from from the stage speakers:
Sweet Child O' Mine Solo.

Some pictures..


The show ended at 11:30pm. It was loud and crazy!! People threw things, People threw People, Security threw People, Slash threw picks, I didn't get any.. It was madness, in a good way. One hell of a rock show. We shook the place down, that's where everyone just let loose and just rock out to the music.

Hell of a f'n good job, Slash.

Only downside was, now I suffer 'temporary hearing loss'. All I hear is muffled sounds, and people sound squeaky, like Mike Tyson. Will take a few days to recover.

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