Friday, September 24, 2010

iPod Shuffle 3rd Generation Review

So recently my dad acquired a Apple iPod Shuffle 3rd Gen..
so it sorta fell into my hands so after a few days of fiddling with it....

Here is my review for it.

Clearly people would only get if for the size of the iPod Shuffle. Being so small, you will barely notice it there plus for the sound quality of the Apple earphones.
Feels like a personal radio, since you can't pick the songs you want next. You can just next it.

You will also notice the lack of buttons to operate the iPod. Only the earphones jack and the On/Off switch can be found on the body.
 To adjust the Volume, Play/Pause, Skip songs, everything would be on the earphones. That little stick thingy on the Right Earphones.

It's quite cool actually, makes me feel like I am those FBI agents with the ear piece thingy.
I only managed to fill it with around 250 songs for 2GB.
Battery life would pretty much last you around 2 to 3 days of constant listening.
It has lasted me around 4 to 5 days of occasional usage.

Not that fun choosing a certain few out of the thousands of songs we have on our computers.
Also, you would need iTunes to sync it with. Why not just drag and drop? Would make life much easier...
More problems would be that without the earphones, it would not operate. So you can't jack it into bigger speakers or use your own earphones. 
** Okay you can jack it int speakers just that it will be super soft and you wont have control. 

The craze for the mp3 are pretty much over with most of the phones being able to play songs as well but for anyone looking for something light and not distracting and stylish, this would pretty much be it.

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  1. I still use the very small one and it has been a really good Gift, this one also look good, glad its not to big and cumbersome like most mp3 players you see, thanks for the review.

  2. John I can't comment on your tyre post!!!