Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Skybar, Traders Hotel Malaysia

Okay there is a pool side bar in Traders Hotel Malaysia.
It's a pretty neat place for mingling and just to enjoy the night.
I'm very sure that only Malaysia has Skybar cause I went to a Traders somewhere in China and I kept looking for the Skybar but I didn't manage to find....
If there are from other countries please do tell.

Anyways Skybar is just a bar at the roof of the hotel, next to the pool with a beautiful night view of KLCC and the Maxis Tower. To get a nice seat to enjoy the view, usually you would have to reserve a seat.

Thats a very enthusiastic smile from me..

Recently I went there with my sisters after the wedding I posted a few days back.
Enjoyed the evening, the drink and the atmosphere.

Only problem with Skybar is the price. The prices feels more like acid eating through your wallet.
IT BURNS.............

That night, we ordered some Long Island-on-steroids drink.
It was good to share among 3.

Food - Well they don't really have food besides burgers and stuff. According to my friend, the burger is damn nice but damn expensive. They also have complimentary nuts. Which is a good side snack.

Price - Be prepared to cough out some cash. A minimum of RM30 over for a cup of whatever. They do have large sized drinks which are good for sharing among a few people.

Service - Well usually it is pretty good but that day it was just soso. Friendly people, I can tell you that.

I rate thee - 9/10 for atmosphere & view, 3/10 for price and 7/10 for everything. 

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