Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chillax, Wisma E&C

Well since I haven't updated my blog
plus this is a food post. Which has been a while.

Chillax is actually around my college there. So usually it is filled with college students but during lunch hours,
some office people would be there.
There are different Specials everyday. I totally love the Chicken Burger and the Chicken Terriyaki. Damn good stuff.

Prices is around rm10 per dish.
My friends and me call their burger the fatty juicy burger.

Food  - Tasty and filling. The lime juice and lemon juice are real kickers. Strong stuff. Refreshing blast at times.

Price - It is moderate compared to some places. The Burger set is pretty good since the patty is fat. Rocks~

Service - This totally depends on what time you are there. During rush hour, you gotta wait and cause it is run by a family with a few helpers, they can be a little slow.