Monday, September 6, 2010

Grind My Gears - School rules

Recently there was an article in the local papers which showed 2 pictures of kids fighting in school.
The article mentions of how there were videos of those fights on youtube.

Obviously this caught my eye and I read on.
After some description of the fight, it was the school's turn to answer and the principle said

  • suspend fighting kids - Correct
  • give demerit points to those who recorded the fight - wtf?
Okay here is what I don't get. 
The principle said he wasn't aware of such fights going on and now he says he gonna punish everyone.

Dude those kids just brought light to some issue you didn't even know of...
I know how many many schools don't allow kids to bring phones and cameras to school saying that its a distraction and yet clearly there are bigger things to worry about..
I know school rules aren't suppose to be broken but when it doesn't make sense I don't think it applies at all...

Clearly the principle is more worried about his school's image than his own students. 
Grinds my gears..

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