Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Mei Li!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Sayang Mei Li!!

Yes people this is my sayang Bubu!~

I've known her for 8 years since I was in primary 6.
One of the first few people I've really grown close with and probably one of the only people living nearby me.

I can pretty much talk about anything with her from total junk to pretty serious heart to heart.
Very fun and adorable.
Super athletic. Got like loads of gold medals at home and she goes for Sukma and stuff.

Glad to have met you and hopes to continue being random~

Happy Birthday bff, Time Crisis partner, JJ arcade kaki, lepak kaki, camwhore kaki, kap lui kaki, playa kaki and perhaps every other thing we have done~

Hope you like the present and see this is a blogging post!!

Celebrated her Bday with a surprise party at RedBox Sunway yesterday.
Totally pwned her *proud proud*
She had no clue~

A very big thank you to her friends and her mom for being so nice to help keep everything secret and make it work. ^^


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