Monday, June 28, 2010

Urbanscape 2010

Since I didn't attend Urbanscape 09 last year,
I made a little effort to go this year.
Me, Xiang, Aaron and Jason

Urbanscape is an event that...that...
actually I got no bloody idea what Urbanscape is....
To me, after attending it, Urbanscape would be an event organized by KLPAC (Kuala Lumpur Performing Art Center) just to attract people to them with stalls of food, clothing and accessories and with local acts.

Of course this year there was the Angkat Rumah (House lifting), Electric Tea Party and also the live Art Gallery, which is where the artist paints while you critique.

I missed the House Lifting cause it was in the morning. So yea, that's that.

After meeting with Zejing, we bumped into my college friend, Angeline who brought us to admire the huge ass Koi fishes there. You can vaguely see the fish somewhere in the picture. It was also a smart move to walk around in an umbrella.

Then we walked around the food area and the market place. The food area was in the car park with the sun at FULL blast and the market was on WET grass. hmmm
*squish squash* all over. Oh joy.

The Electric Tea Party was pretty cool, since all you had to do was place a hand on the metal thingy, and your other finger in cups of water. Pretty cool since it's like a turn table with kitchen ware.

Well that's about it.
**Correction - Since I didn't buy a ticket (RM30 beforehand and RM40 at the door) to watch the local acts, I walked around and took in the scenery and left. I know I'm suppose to support local acts, but they just don't appeal to me.

Besides getting sun burn,
that was about all to it.