Saturday, June 19, 2010

Toy Story 3 and Wong Si Nai lunch

It just hit me that this can be at least 2 post...nvm le combine it since I already wrote it.

Well, I always seem to end up at WSN but I like the food!

I am currently hurting in so many ways. Anyone who plays badminton or swims, call me ya,
I'll go if I'm free

Anyways, went to meet Belinda since she on hols and I'm free so met up at Berjaya Times Square,
then went to WSN to eat lunch and after that dropped  Belinda off at tuition...

Times Square is having this human sized game board thingy going on. So all of you who wanna be in the game, here's your chance.

Eventhough I didn't get to go to the screening, unlike Jamie, I shall still write a short review since practice makes perfect.

Toy Story 3

The sheepherder is not in TS3
Synopsis - Years have passes and Andy is finally going off to college. With the fear of being thrown away eating at the back of their minds, the toys took matters into their own hands only to find out what a big mistake it was. They go through a hell of an adventure again to return to Andy's side.

My Review - I liked it! Good story line, great animation. Wonderful ending for this movie series. Let's hope it stops here and not make crappy continuations. Fun movie to watch. Makes me feel like a kid again.

I rate thee - 10/10


After the movie, went to WSN to eat lunch since I haven't been there in a while and its close to tuition.

WSN's signature wall.

This time I had the Sweet & Sour Chicken rice
while Belinda had the Vinz Fried Rice. Apparently their signature dish.
Its nice and it comes in a big portion.

The Fried Rice has pretty big sized prawns in it and they have that fried butter thing which gives it even more flavor. 

 I like this as well. Its usually cooked with pork, but since WSN is HALAL (pork free), so they cook it with chicken. Still tastes nice.

That's about it for now, finally it is the weekends!
Things will happen and I will have things to blog about!
Great Success~