Saturday, June 12, 2010

Chilis 1-Utama's President Margarita

Recently went to have dinner with elder sis at Chilis before the nuffnang screening, since it was Happy Hour, we decided to order a margarita.
The drink is served at your table, so I guess it looks nicer and it gives a freshly made feel to it.
If your hands are itchy, you can do it too!

Akram, nice guy, A+ for service!
*During Happy Hour, its RM5 less for the margarita. I can't remember how much the beer cost.
So its a bout RM18 on Happy Hour.

I have to admit, that was the first margarita I drank which I actually liked.
It was smooth, in a big quantity and surprisingly strong. I gulped the last half cup and I was walking around 1U with some stupid smile on my face.
Good quality tequila, even though personally I dislike tequila.

Sis gulping. XD

Missed out the piece of lime. sobs


 That's all for now. Anyong~