Friday, June 11, 2010

Karate Kid Review

Ok, I gotta admit I'm new to reviewing movies,
but since nuffnang sent me this kit thingy filled with pictures,
so I shall just try my hands at this.

Firstly, it should be called Kung Fu Kid instead. Elder sis pointed it out.

Synopsis - Dre (Jaden) moves to China with his mom but on his first day there, he falls for a girl, makes new enemies and discovers the need to learn Mandrin. After getting into loads of trouble he fnds himself being registered to the local kung fu competition without his knowledge. With the help of the local handy man (Jackie), they train and learn from one another on how to stand up again after falling down in life.

My review - This show is pretty nice. Kinda a slow start but things speed up eventually. I find the show a little violent since its coming from primary school boys. Worst still the kid knows kung fu, so his kicks and punches looked as if it really hurt. I'm guessing Jackie Chan wanted to promote the Chinese industries in the movie as well. *shrugs* Not something I would recommend you to watch on those lovey dovey dates.

I rate this movie 7/10

So I shall just include the snapshots from the movie. Below. Enjoy~