Monday, June 14, 2010

Epic Fail Connaught Dim Sum Meet up

This was a pretty random outing cause it was planned like months before it actually happening.
Had Dim Sum at Connaught. The restaurant is next to CIMB Bank. Pretty easy to find.
Food there is nice and fresh, a little smaller than usual (inflation makes everything decrease in size) *sobs*!

Anyways back to topic.
It was a little new to me cause usually parents will just order everything and tada the whole table would be filled,
this time I was just sitting there blurring.
We even pointed at the plate and asked the worker there for some more since we don't know what it was called.

To me, the pictures was an epic fail! Cause I only managed to snap a few pictures.
Trying to remember to snap pictures of food when you are hungry is hard.