Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beast Showcase epic fail

So Beast was in Malaysia and they had a showcase and
thank you Trisha for the ticket!!

Anyways it was really badly organized. I left before going in.

Let me explain.
I stood for around 4 hours and was still standing outside.
Loads of people wearing the B2ST shirt, which had first priority. They bought the CD. RM120. madness....
Event started around 9 when it was stated at 7.
Security was rude and crowd got rowdy.
People started fainting cause there were fans waiting for more than 8 hours standing without food.
Since I didn't get a media pass. I left the madness towards home, a warm meal, a sofa and football.

If you see properly, people are still waiting further up the stairs.

So here are the pics from Jamie and Jason cause they had the media passes and the DSLR cameras.
More on their blog.

For a more detailed description of the madness there, it's on Jerica's blog. 
She was there since 11am. *crazy*