Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chilis Triple Play and Mushroom Swiss

So, newest update from the Chilis regulars - The mushroom thingy is called Mushroom Jack and not Swiss.


Ok, so while enjoying the Margarita, which I shall remind you, me likey
anyways, back to the title

The two dishes are either fairly new or not new at all, sorry i'm not a regular at Chilis.
More at TGIF

Triple Play 

As the title states, it has 3 different types of food plus 3 different types of dip sauce and celery.
Its pretty fun to experiment with all the dip and stuff...

Kinda tasty, I like the buffalo wings but they are kinda small, like midget sized.
The deep fried wrap thingy is tasty, works with all the dip and the deep fried chicken? I'm not sure what it is but its nice too~

Mushroom Swiss
This dish is pretty cool, comes on this big hot plate filled with mushroom and big slices of chicken and a plate of wrap(like those kebab wrap) and a plate of finely chopped vege with a  scoop of Swiss cheese.

The ball of thingy there, no idea what it is, not my thing. Could be cream. It was weird tasting, not my thing.
Really filling stuff tho. I recommend this dish only if you have a big appetite.

Note to self, never drink and smile.