Thursday, June 3, 2010

My AVF Gaming Headphones Review

First of all, I'm not even sure whether AVF is available overseas.
Secondly, I tried googling for pics and I couldn't find I guess it ain't popular as well.

So dear readers from the overseas, this product is only available around southeast asia.

Look and feel
  • The looks for headphones these days are pretty attractive. They have all sorts of designs and colours that I wasn't sure whether it was necessary.I would rather buy something that looks ordinary but gives great sound performance.
  • Includes a mic for chatting during games and is compatible with Skype and MSN.
  • Cable is long, useful at times, troublesome at others.
  • Feels like tough plastic. The cushions for the ears are soft and there are cushion on the strap.
  • Headphones that cup the whole ears.
  • Ok so I'm not very into the Audio department so here's a picture of the specs on the box.

  • The headphones is pretty alright for normal usage. Besides having the length of the strap being lose and sliding down, it sits on the head pretty well.
  • Volume is not a problem as there is an adjuster on the cable and you can On/Off the mic from there as well. 
  • Sound quality is clear and it has a decent amount of bass but not enough for me I guess.
  • Microphone works well and being able to push it up and away is an added advantage.

My verdict
For around $20, the value of it is alright. Enough to do the job. Gaming, movies and songs can be enjoyed privately. Only problem I have with it is the type of cushion around the ears, Obviously the makers didin't test it out much before production cause it feels like those cheap leathery materials which during long periods of usage in a warm environment, will cause the area of contact to sweat.