Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Karate Kid Screening

So I actually got free tickets from Nuffnang to go watch Karate Kid a day before it premiers in Malaysia.
I went with my elder sis. Just to make it fair in case my friends ask me why I didin't pick them instead.
So as many should already know, it stars Will Smaith's son, Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan.

I swear my camwhore skills are getting better.

To me the movie was a 7/10.
Cause besides the whole part where a small kid learns to fight and stuff, he also has a love story and enemy and learning to be strong....
doesn't this sound familiar???

Have I mentioned how similar Jaden and Will are?
Acts exactly the same way. Same expressions, same way of talking, even the same way of shivering/shaking. 

My elder sis said it was like IpMan2, cause the fight scenes was really violent, only in smaller versions.

The show kinda screws the Chinese image up a little. They portrayed chinese boys and one of the teacher to be this cruel and evil dude. Just so you know, not everyone is crazy like that, so don't generalize.

Oh yes, just if you think the voice during the credits is familiar, don't guess any longer, IT IS justin beiber...

All for now, need to sleep. Just got home from the movie. Great Success!