Monday, October 18, 2010

Netbooks VS. Small Laptops Which is Better?

I have been thinking about this for a while after seeing the Alienware mx11.
Since the size is pretty much the same as a netbook, I decided to list down the pros and cons of both.

Netbook - Small and light, perfect for people constantly on the go. Just enough for browsing the net at cafes and maybe some facebook games. Also for checking powerpoints, notes and slides for students. However, lack of a powerful processor and graphics make is unsuitable for games. Apparently it can play games like warcraft.


  • Small, light
  • Cheap
  • Fairly good battery life. 
  • Screen size not for media.- movies and pictures
  • Lack of power - graphics and processor. No games and heavy programs.
  • Lack of connectivity ports - usb, hdmi, dvd player

Small sized Laptop - Even tho the screen size is the same with the netbook, instead the laptop is loaded with a powerful processor, graphic card and ram. Besides the average usage, you can do play games and use heavy programs such as photo-editing on it. Problems with it would be the screen size and price.(Refering to the Alienware Mx11)

  • Small, Light, fairly good battery.
  • Powerful and portable - Double graphics with a C2D processor. 
  • Can play games and do work. - Left4Dead and Photoshop

  • Screen size is still small
  • Very expensive compared to the Netbook
  • Price for a 11" is the same as the 14"/15" screens.
My opinion? - The Small Sized laptop would definitely win this round but of course the price is of 2 netbooks.  You be the judge.

As usual. The decision depends on the user and the budget. I would still personally prefer a 15" instead of the 11" cause I just love the size of the huge ass screen!

Hope it helps.


  1. netbook not powerfull laa. i rather double the price for better performance

  2. That was what i said
    the Alienware mx11 is not a netbook but a 11" laptop

  3. I'm using a netbook regularly ! I love my netbook since I installed Ubuntu. It make not be useful for photo editting but it is excellent for photo viewin !! LOVE THE LONG BATTERY LIFE !

  4. Very interesting insight. Thank you for the useful information!
    Sticking to my netbook since I don't do heavy stuffs like gaming. Otherwise, will turn to a proper laptop. :)