Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Parent's 25th Anniversary!

I'll start with saying sorry for not being able to make Jeremy's 21st Bday cause I went for a family dinner instead.

Enough said, parents celebrated their 25 years together with a small family dinner.
It was at Rasa Sayang Shark Fin Restaurant on Jalan Imbi. Pretty old place but it still have class le I guess...

Dinner was nice and tasty. Eventho I suspect the price was feisty as well..
Had some champagne and a few parts of overly smooth brandy, which made the evening all the better.
I shall apologize for not editing the pictures, since my laptop is current at the service center.

 Pictures of more food!

The family

Food - Not bad, quite tasty.

Price - From medium to expensive. Depends on whether there is a set or not

Service - Quite good since they expect tips at the end of the session. 


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