Monday, October 4, 2010

Grind My Gears - Toilet manners

Okay it maybe inappropriate to place pictures of toilets here. Since the post is about dirty toilets..

Anyways, don't you just hate being in this situation?
Your bladder is bursting so you take the shortest route just to make it to the toilet only to find it either dirty or not flushed. Okay I know its disgusting and that disturbing images appeared in your head but I think I would like to rant about it now. 

Clearly there are still people around the world who still haven't learned anything from the many years of using the toilets. This applies mostly to guys, cause if you have seen some of the public toilets here in Malaysia you would know what I mean. Like my college toilets, the people who use it would have AT LEAST 18 years of shooting and flushing experience but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO...

Didn't these people learn to have some courtesy for the next bloke using the toilet?
Toilet manners people, flushing goes a long way

Grind my gears just thinking about it....

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