Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grind My Gears - Backseat Drivers

Anyone with a car license that has drove a noisy passenger would definitely know what I mean.
I guess most wives would know, with their husbands beside,
Most beginner drivers would know, with their parents beside,
Most friends would know, with over talkative friends beside.

Clearly since we are the drivers, those people should just STFU.
The person talking to you is already a distraction, just to increase the risk,
they give you orders, reach for the horn, scream into your ears.

I don't get it, if they want to drive so much why didn't they?
I get it from my parents. I think its a general thingy.
Its so tough to just drive and reach the destination. Every pothole, turn, bike, car, bird would be a hazard.

It shortens life, I swear by it.
Just tell us the way there and keep your hands to yourself.
Grinds my gears!