Tuesday, October 5, 2010

SNSD Gee Jap ver!

Ha. Aha. Ha. Ha... I beat you to it YJ.
Here is the Girl's Generation/SNSD Gee Japanese Version!
With a Tiffany and Jessica Wallpaper

Sorry bout that.. Anyways, as you all know, a big part of this blog includes the Korean all girl group, Girls Generation. About over a month ago, the Japanese version of Genie was released, and I liked it. Liked it to the point I fought a dozen Spartans, and slain 2 dragons over the usage of the computer to search it up on Youtube.

And as the madness was about stared calming down..

Out comes Gee.

Also, there's too much Hyoyeon tributes on this site (3 parts?), and in retaliation, I shall post a picture each of Jessica and Tiffany. XD

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