Sunday, October 24, 2010

AOC Launches World Slimmest wLED Monitor, Razor LED

Okay, I'll cut to the chase and make everything simple.

Recently Art Of Colors, officially launched their new wLED Monitor, the Razor
Coming in a wide variety of sizes from 18.5", 20", 21.5" and 23".

It is the world SLIMMEST wLED screen at 1.29cm, which is actually thinner than the iPad. Of course being just slim ain't anything special, but here is the twist, the Razor also boost of a 50million:1 screen color ratio. So you would get darker and more vivid colors on your screen, sharper images and premium picture quality. This is also the world highest count for any screen created. Besides that, remember the recent hype of how sharp the Apple iPad's screen was? Well this is the same technology as that, only BIGGER.

Beside being first in the world for those features, AOC did not forget about keeping their CO2 foot print low. Specially built in features such as Ultra Low Power Consumption, Off Timer, e-Saver and Power Saving Mode was created to make sure that only the least amount of energy is needed for their wLED monitor. Having the Energy Star logo on the Razor also shows that it is a certified product. Further emphasizing on the need to saving the environment, AOC have decided to use 100% recycled pulp molds for their packaging.

Other special features of the Razor would be the ingenious VESA Wall mount which allows you to mount the monitor on the wall and tilt to whatever angle you prefer. So that wild idea of having the screen on your ceiling ain't such a wild idea after all.

The Razor Monitor is perfect for gaming, movies, media and just for daily usage. It comes with HD ready for the 18" and 20" screens while boasting full HD for the 21" and 23".
Nothing to worry about the compatibility as the screen would support the normal Analog RGB input and DVI-D input.

The Razor also comes in perfect minimalist colors of Black and White.
For more information, check their website at

Personally I think that its good and all. Cause I saw the models on show and it actually looked really good. Not so sure about price tho and also the reliability and after sales service, 
kinda tough to trust a brand thats not that big. Still have a go at it and decide for yourself.


  1. Nice meetin u that day!
    I'm impressed with the screen too! It's cheaper than Mac too!

  2. Hey Rebecca!
    Very nice meeting you too! Yep it is quite a good deal actually and well ain't all Mac products overpriced?

  3. How much is it? Looks like it can be a wall mounted monitor.

  4. You would have to check the prices with local distributors and yes it can be wall mounted.