Monday, January 24, 2011

My transition/ photo gray lenses review.

Recently I changed my spectacle lens as it was a while back when I changed it and well, I kinda chipped it but that ain't the case.
Anyways since I suffer from astigmatism, which means - any form of light glare, I would feel it more and I would squint more.

So, after wearing transition lenses for about a week, in tropical weather, in blazing under the sun conditions,
what do I think of it?

Here's what I think is good about it.

  • Its less painful on the eyes
  • Its pretty handy to reduce squinting
  • Don't really need to change between shades and glasses
  • Because the change is pretty slow at times, you wont notice the change. 
But here is what I don't like about it
  • Doesn't change as fast as I want it to be, it takes about 30seconds to a minute before it starts to change color.
  • Its super overpriced. Unless you know the owner of the shop or there is some massive discount, on usual days, its bloody expensive.
  • It doesn't work when under a shade. Which totally sucks for drivers like me. My best solution, I have this cheap shades which cups on perfectly over my specs. Doesn't fit closely but doesn't fall off as well. Still does whats its made for. 
My view for it is, transition lenses are for "lazy" people. Instead of getting a pair of shades with power or getting a pair of contact lenses, which I have a pair btw, just not very into the whole eye poking thing, a transition user would just walk around in the sun hoping and waiting for the lens to change color. 


  1. i was thinking of getting transition lense for my new specs. how much u paid for it? i saw amk hub promotion $180 for frame and transition lense, is it a good deal?

  2. They are awesome for sports googles! The ONLY way to go!!