Friday, January 7, 2011

Drifting on water. Hydroplaning

When I was younger I always loved the thought of driving over puddles of water. I mean EVERY puddle of water. Just to make that huge splash flying in every directions.
Everything changed after I got my license. I was driving down the highway and it was raining and I went over a puddle. It was exactly like the car had a mind of its own. The speed meter and RPM meter just rose and the car shuddered. Luckily it was a straight and just a small puddle and before I knew it the tires caught the road again, the car shook, and I was back on my way.
What I experienced was hydroplaning and not many people seem to know so here is a short description of what it is

  • Hydroplaning or aquaplaning happens when the tires of a vehicle lose traction on a wet roadway, causing the car to drift like a sled until the wheels gain traction again. As one might imagine, hydroplaning is extremely dangerous, since the vehicle is out of the driver's control while it slides. During rainy or slushy weather, drivers need to be aware of the risk of hydroplaning, and it is important to drive carefully in these conditions to avoid this dangerous driving situation. There are also some vehicle maintenance tips which can reduce the risk of hydroplaning.
I know this sounds like a mother nagging but please drive slow and safe. Cause I tried it and God it scared the hell out of me. 

Currently thinking of what to write for my Bangkok trip.
Have fun all. 

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