Saturday, January 15, 2011

6 ways to keeping your laptop from overheating.

These days, especially in college, almost everyone owns a laptop if not a desktop. Problem is most of the time I see people doing this that really makes me wonder.
If people worry so much about their laptops being hot, then I don't get why they do certain things to make it heat up faster.

  1. Most popular NO NO, don't place your laptop on top of the laptop sleeve. I see loads of people doing this and I do wonder why they do it. If you have noticed, most of the air vents are under the laptop, so why reduce the amount of cool air going in by obstructing it? 
  2. Gaming on the bed. This may not be in college but I still see it. Its almost the same as the first but games tend to heat the laptop up much much faster. If you really want to play it on the bed, get something to hold it up like a laptop fan or a file to elevate it.
  3. Use a laptop cooler if you you would like to keep the laptop cool and if possible try to align the fans under an air vent opening. So it will force more cool air into the laptop to cool it down. 
  4. Switch the Power Management to Balanced, Power Saver, (brand) Recommended. As the High Performance option would only put everything in maximum performance even if you are just web surfing. Whenever gaming or editing things, you can just switch it back. 
  5. Maintenance of the laptop fan. Sometimes if gets pretty dusty and that might clog up the fan or the vent out. So just clean it once in a while or keep an eye out for it. 
  6. This might be a little off but it works as well, using the laptop is a cool area such an in an aircond room. XD Makes perfect sense. 

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