Saturday, January 8, 2011

Leaving the teens, on record that is.

Well I just turned 20 and eventhough people keep telling me that I have left my teens and into adulthood,
I'm pretty sure I would still stay a kid by heart.

I would like to thank everyone who wished me on facebook, who sms-ed me, who called me, who emailed me, who wished me personally and who sang me a birthday song. Also to those who wanted to wish me but forgot after some distractions. Its the thought that counts and I am truly touched.

There wasn't anything big this year but still it was a blast.
Started with my childhood friend making me breakfast. Her first time cooking and she gives it to me.
Then I had a blast playing Laser Tag with a big bunch of Advertlets bloggers! Had loads of fun running and shooting plus meeting a few new people.
Last but not least, had dinner with my family and had a little cake.
I am thankful for what I have.

**Tomorrow will post the pics up from laser tag and maybe the post on the place.
Have a nice day all

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