Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My iPod Shuffle 4th Generation Review.

I got my hands on the Apple iPod Shuffle 4th Gen. recently and at the first glance I thought it was a joke.
Since it looked exactly like the 2nd Gen. one, till I checked the Apple website to confirm.

It makes sense really. Look at the iPhone as well, a slight upgrade and they call it a new model.
Exactly like how car makers add little details on cars and call it a facelift, then charge more for it.

See that little middle button at the top? Thats new. 

So after fumbling around with it, I decided to test it out with the Sennheiser headphones I got. Since certain mp3s and phones tend to be a little underpowered with headphones.
I will admit, I was really surprised.
The sound driver on the Shuffle is pretty powerful thus being able to deliver quite a punch on my headphones. Sadly tho, there ain't anything new with the Shuffle besides having the Voice Over feature. The design of the Shuffle is still pretty easy to use but then its still pretty easy to press the wrong button.

I rate thee - 7/10

Having a Shuffle is good at times but lacking the ability to choose songs does suck.



  1. These are cool new gadgets. I might buy one next month.

  2. I've been eying to buy this. Hope there are still stocks left from my friend this week!