Monday, January 10, 2011

Laser Tag with Advertlets Bloggers.

Before the meet up, personally even I didn't know that there was a laser tag venue in Midvalley.
The only one I used to know of was in Mines and I'm not even sure whether that one is still open.

Everyone with a Rames pose.

Anyways, last Saturday, Advertlets invited about 30+ bloggers to Galactic Laser in MV and let me just tell you, it was totally awesome!
What is laser tag? It is similar to paintball but instead of the pain and paint, you will shoot lasers instead. Everyone wears this high tech looking body piece fitted with sensors and LED lights to tell people and you when you have been 'shot'. You also hold this laser gun which turns into a sub machine gun after certain amounts of kills. Everything is wired up to this computer so after the game, you will be able to check your score.

During briefing

It is well suited for a wider variety of people as there is practically no pain involved and well if you are lazy to run around, you can just sit in a spot waiting for a victim to run past. I'm sure even the older crowds would have fun playing it. Plus, Galactic Laser have packages for groups which means maybe a play day for companies trying to treat their employees?

The body gear

Galactic Laser offers a wide variety of game play from Free For All (everyone is a target), Anything else, it would be best to experience it yourself. If you need more information, check out

 Told you there are scores.
Guess who the top scorer was? 

Coincidentally the event fell on the same day as my birthday!
and I must say, it was a pretty good way to spend my day. Plus bloggers are probably the nicest people around. They sang me a birthday song sumore. Aww so nice of them kan?

The winning team and I'm in it!



  1. nice event!
    (hi from Russia! ^_^)

  2. Hello! Thanks for the comment and support!
    Glad you like it.