Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Sennheiser HD 428 user review.

Out of the many options for quality of sound, there are plenty to choose from but this time I went with the HD428. I met it at the Bangkok international airport and sorta fell in love with it on the spot.

  • Sound clarity. I know people may argue about this but for the price that I payed for, I find it very good. The highs and lows are heard. Little details can heard instead without the blasting of the volume.
  • Comfort. Having the headphones fully covering the ears plus having them fit snugly makes you feel as if it was made specially for you. The padding is soft and I barely notice wearing it after a while. It also cancels out sounds pretty well, not around loud people that is. 
  • Cord length and additional jack. The long cable provided is longer than I need and the option of connecting it into a 6.3mm jack is likable. It is also only on the left side, more freedom. 
  • Design is fairly simple and the cross-hair adds a little bit more spunk into the design. All else, fairly simple. Minimalistic.  
  • Built. Eventhough plastic, it doesn't feel flimsy and the cushion feel durable. Hopefully. Just don't be too rough with it and all should be good. 
  • Thin cable. The cord is slightly thinner than expected. In many reviews, this is one of the main few complaints. 
  • A little warm. Wearing it in air conditioned rooms are fine but when in normal tropical room temperature, about 45 min later your ears would be feeling warm. Still better than the AVF headphones I have at home, 15 min in and  I would sweat around my ears. 
  • Lack of bass. It is a little bit on the weaker side but I still feel it rumbling away. Definitely not for those heavy bass people. 

My Thoughts
Personally, I love how it feels and fits so well around my head. I like how Sennheiser managed to put hinges on it so that the cups would follow the angle of the head instead of just sitting on it. Last comment, I like it, sounds good. 

I rate thee


  1. That's a great review of the Sennheiser HD 428. I am a professional musician and entrepreneur and enjoy using the HD 428 in the studio. I have never been disappointed with their quality. They have always made it easy for doing the final mixes of songs.

  2. Glad to know you have the same view. Thanks for dropping by.